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There’s no silver bullet to Employee Performance Management. But there are ways to make it more achievable.

Too often programs are recommended and implemented for organizations that either don’t align to the company’s objectives or are too rigid for employees to set and work toward meaningful career goals. Lifetick does away with unnecessary overhead by providing a platform that gives employees the freedom to set the right goals whilst giving leaders complete visibility and interactivity.


There are three things your organization needs out of a performance management tool:

1. Alignment to the company’s values.

Lifetick ensures everyone is “singing from the same hymnsheet”. Create and track individual and shared goals aligned to your company’s values.

2. Flexibility for employees in the goal creation process.

Lifetick has a structured, yet fluid design with employee experience in mind. It puts more accountability and onus on your employees, bringing out their best.

3. Transparency every step of the way.

Lifetick enables leaders to stay close to progress with dashboards and 1-on-1 drill downs.

Align your people around your organizational core values.

Lifetick lets you establish core values that can be applied to your employees’ goals. This is crucial to realizing your strategic outcomes. Ensuring people understand the role they play in working toward the broader vision is an important step in succeeding together as one company.


Keep your employees empowered and focused on goals they create that are meaningful to them.

Using the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting methodology, your organization can focus more on


Identify areas for improvement before it’s too late

With a dashboard for each manager and senior leaders, you can quickly gauge how your employees are tracking. Color coded progress bars and summaries give you the insight to dig deeper on areas for follow up. Drill down into each employee to see their own specific progress. CEOs and Directors are now able to stay close to all employees with minimal effort or time and build stronger relationships with workers throughout the organization.


Rally colleagues around singular goals

Workplace goal setting is more than just individual pursuits. Lifetick allows employees to collaborate on shared goals with specific task assignments within the goal itself. Build in flexibility with the “Anyone can complete” function for tasks to keep it moving forward.


Are you looking for a solution that is quick to implement, but rigorous enough to support mid-size companies?

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