Case Studies

Case Study #3 - Psychology – Lifetick


Research has shown that repressing the emotions can cause an eventual breakdown in an individual. Given that clients are often reluctant to share their thoughts out loud, it takes longer for them to open up so that their psychologists and therapists can help them. Therefore, a psychologist with vast years of experience wanted to promote the use of journaling down one’s emotions, progress, and anything that goes through their mind. This way, with complete consent, he could keep up with his client's progress, their struggles, and other details that would help the psychologist treat his clients in a more helpful way.

The Approach Before Lifetick

A study medically reviewed by Dr. Dan Brennan has shown the immense mental health benefits of journaling one’s emotions and thoughts. It’s easier to pen down your feelings than to speak about them, and so, the clients were introduced to the concept of writing down their emotions and daily progress in a physical journal, no matter how big or little, valid, or invalid their emotions may be to them.

The challenge

Although journaling down the day-to-day progress was a great idea, using a physical journal and hard copy material wasn’t as fruitful as it should have been. Hence, this approach led to both the psychologist and his clients facing several challenges. Such as the ones discussed below.

  • Privacy and Confidentiality
    Hard-copy journals were less likely to remain a secret. It lacked a sense of privacy. People could find it at any time, and intentionally or unintentionally, invade the personal space of the relative person.
  • Long Process
    From jotting down the details and thoughts to all the way sharing them with the psychologist/therapist, and then for them to read through every detail to find out the triggers and warnings in the clients’ behavior took quite a while. This long process often caused a delay in things that need to be addressed as soon as possible,
  • Easily Missed Details
    Since there were several clients, and a number of journals, but just one psychologist, it was completely human and normal to miss out on some of the details that could be important.
  • Lack of Motivation
    Initially, the clients were enthusiastic and dedicated to writing down their thoughts and emotions in the given journals; however, as time passed, they started to feel a lack of motivation and enthusiasm to continue doing so.
  • Inconsistency
    It was also observed that the clients were inconsistent with the task. It was easy to skip it after having a long, hectic day. On days of tiredness, when someone is going through a hard time, just holding a pen can also seem like a huge task.
  • Imbalance b/w Positive and Negative
    The psychologist wanted the clients to focus more on the positive aspects of their day-to-day progress. So that they can look back at it after some time and feel grateful for how far they’ve come. After all, it’s all about the little things that add up to have a big impact on oneself. However, without proper assortment, clients were more likely to note down the negative details.

Choosing Lifetick

With all the challenges coming in the way of a successful session between the psychologist and his clients, the psychologist thought about changing the journaling method to a digital experience.

Lifetick’s Approach

Lifetick believes in helping people achieve their goals, conveniently. Therefore, it has built a set of creative features that help you stay focused with never-ending motivation.

The Result

Replacing the previous approach with that Lifetick’s turned out to be a fruitful investment in extraordinary ways. Some of the most impactful results are discussed below.

  • Hassle-free Login
    The psychologist created the Lifetick accounts for his clients in no time. Each client received an email with the details of their Lifetick credentials that they used to sign in immediately without any hassle.
  • Internal Messaging
    Lifetick enabled the psychologist to stay in touch with the clients on their progress by using Lifetick as a successful communication platform. The clients felt more connected and cared for by this little gesture.
  • Decluttered Notes
    There's no better way to stay organized than going for Lifetick's digital journal. Physical journals tend to pile up over time, and before the clients knew it, they got a ton of used journals taking up precious storage space, or worse, just lying around. Lifetick's digital journal prompt option, on the other hand, kept all of their entries as sorted files. No more lost or fraying bookmarks and pages: everything is stored in the cloud.
  • Aesthetic Appeal
    With Lifetick's digital journaling, including an image or two in the clients' entries became just a matter of uploading it from their devices. This changed their entire journaling experience altogether. It also helped the psychologist to make it more special for his clients to look back to find their precious words and memories paired with relevant photos.
  • Easy Access
    The clients got access to their journals virtually anywhere. As long as they have a compatible device and an internet connection, they are ready to journal on the go! It doesn't matter where they are. That and, there's nothing to leave behind at home, at work, in school, or in other public places. Since everything is stored digitally, they are free to access past entries anytime.
  • Enhanced Confidentiality and Privacy
    Lifetick provides clients with confidentiality and enhanced security. Digital journaling gave them the option of adding encryption to keep their most honest thoughts to themselves, ready to be shared only once they choose to. So, unless the clients want someone to take a peek into their brains, no one is going to have access to their journals unless they allow it.
  • Automated Reminders
    Lifetick offers automated reminders in the form of newsletters and e-mails for the clients to stay motivated.
  • Cloud Storage
    With Lifetick, clients never had to worry about losing their journals ever again. Every goal, task and other details are stored in the cloud to access anytime they like. Safe storage, easy life.
  • Tracking the Progress
    Lifetick made it easy for both the psychologist and his clients to track the progress of every little step. Technology is our friend if used in the right way, and Lifetick knows exactly how to do it.