New year, new look

December 30th, 2017 by Shane Maloney Comments Off on New year, new look

Hi Lifetickers,

Yet another year has passed and hopefully we can all take a deep breath before launching into 2018. As current users will have noticed, we’ve just launched a brand new look and feel to the site. This was done for several reasons. Firstly, we wanted to get a unified front end that was completely responsive. Previously, our mobile and tablet version was different to our main desktop/latptop version, so by simplifying into one version we reduce a lot of development overhead whilst ensuring the end user experience is consistent. Secondly, we extended Lifetick to ensure users of our Business, School and Family versions (formerly known as Coach) can do everything on their mobile or tablet. This is an important addition giving users full autonomy regardless of device. Finally, we felt it was time for a freshen up. Our iconic style and layout remains largely the same, but we now have a more modern interpretation. We hope you like it.

Furthermore, we have also now released a new piece of functionality called Multi tasks. Currently, when completing a goal a user can create Single and Repeating tasks. With the addition of Multi tasks, you are able to add a lower level of granularity when creating tasks. Each Multi task allows for unlimited sub tasks to be created underneath. The reminder and due date are still linked to the overarching Multi task, however, a user can much more easily organise his/her tasks accordingly. Once particular use is for capturing specific “checklists” for trips or projects. We hope this becomes a valuable tool in the creation of your goals. (Note: Multi tasks is only available on paid accounts).

As always, we wish you all the best in your goal setting endeavours for the year ahead. Whether it’s something small or something daring and audacious, we encourage you to check in with your Lifetick account as often as you can to keep the fire of inspiration, motivation and perspiration burning brightly. Good luck and Happy New Year.

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