A few enhancements for our business and school customers

September 30th, 2016 by Shane Maloney 1 Comment

Hi Lifetickers,

For those of you using our business and school accounts, we’ve recently added some tweaks to improve your brand presence with your clients/students along with some reports to better monitor their goal achievement.

Firstly, you can now add your own logo to the welcome email your users receive when you add them to your account. This helps personalise Lifetick to you and your business brand. Furthermore, we now allow for customisation of the welcome message in the email itself. This means you can give more context and information relevant to your business or school in that same initial email received by your clients, staff or students. Both of these updates can be made in the settings found in “My Organisation”. Don’t forget we also have the ability to provide a custom log in page for your organisation that includes your logo along with the ability to redirect your users to a webpage of your choosing when they logout of Lifetick. Again, these are contained in the settings of “My Organisation”.

Finally, we’ve added csv reports for both individuals within your entity and your entire group of users linked to a particular coach. These provide information across all current goals and progress associated. The csv format was chosen so as to allow you to modify in whatever manner you like within MS Excel for example. To access the reports, navigate to “My clients” and when you are in the “Snapshot” screen you will see the group report option and when you are in the “1-on-1” screen you will see the individual report option.

Should you have any queries about these features, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. Until such time, keep achieving!

One Response to “A few enhancements for our business and school customers”

  1. John Arnold says:

    This has been requested several times already, and I would really like to see this implemented…


    Seriously, it wouldn’t be that hard to implement, and when I purchased the product, I thought that subgoals were a feature that would be unlocked. This really needs to be a thing. It’s extremely annoying to have to find halfway workarounds for this missing feature.