Like the iPhone version? You’ll love it now…

January 25th, 2009 by Shane Maloney 18 Comments

Hi Lifetickers,

We always intended to take the iPhone version further and today represents that first step. Due to popular demand, we’ve added some more core functionality whilst also going to great lengths to incorporate some more aesthetic beauty you’ve come to know and love in the main version.    

iPhone Goals list

So what have we done?                                          

– task editing 
– goal sorting (due date, priority and core value)
– daily, weekly, monthly view of Journal (for paid subscribers)
– complete history viewable in Journal, beyond the previous 7 days (again for paid subscribers) 
– and some pretty nice look and feel touches to bring about a better user experience. 

Good news for Google Android users too. We’ve made some tweaks to the iPhone version to make it available on this platform and we hope this helps a whole new range of users.

You can access the iPhone and Google Android web app at

Thanks for all the feedback and we hope your 2009 goals are tracking well.

18 Responses to “Like the iPhone version? You’ll love it now…”

  1. David says:

    I’ve been using the new version on my iphone all day. The user interface changes make it a more enjoyable experience. I’ve completed many few tasks in the last two days that I had been sitting on. This is shaping up to be the best personal manager that I have used (and I have used many).


    P.S. I only have one feature request left for the iphone and that is the ability to create goals. I am hoping that this will be able to be added without affecting the asthetics too much.

  2. will says:

    Any chance of a Nokia version …. N95 8GB here


  3. Tim Wilson from Lifetick says:

    Sorry, we have no plans for a Nokia version at this time.

  4. Jonathan says:

    How do I get the iphone app? I can’t find it in the app store and the link in the blog doesn’t work for me.

  5. Tim Wilson from Lifetick says:

    @Jonathan, To access Lifetick on your iPhone, you need to visit when using Safari on your iPhone.

  6. Rebecca says:

    I have a samsung F480 phone with touchscreen & web capabiity, but it is not an iphone. Should i try using the google android thing (whatever that is?) or could i use the iphone app? or will the normal web view work ok on my phone?
    Do you have a ported version of the website set out for mobile browsers?

  7. Tim Wilson from Lifetick says:

    Sorry, Google Android is an operating system for Mobile phones. There are only a few on the market at the moment. The reason we support it is because, like the iPhone, the Adroid’s web browser uses the Webkit rendering engine.

    We have no plans for other mobile versions at this time.

  8. Laurie Maclachlan says:

    hi – are you planning a proper iphone app – it would be a lot better to be able to work offline and sync up when in a network area?

  9. Connie Williams says:

    I have to agree with Laurie… Your tour gave the impression that it was a actually application. When I went to the I thought I would be downloading the application. You need to revise your tour not to imply it is truly an iPhone app…..

  10. Tim Wilson from Lifetick says:

    @ Connie. Sorry to hear you thought there was a native app.

    We always try to make a point of mentioning “Web App” when we talk about the iPhone.
    We also make a point of displaying the Safari address bar at the beginning of the tour movie.

  11. Chris says:

    I spent a day in this app and think you have the best user interface for dream and goal tracking. I finally had to decide to go with native app instead, since I really need to be able to access and update my tasks while offline. If you guys ever release a native app I would be THRILLED to try it out again.

  12. Jeff says:

    Any plans for a blackberry interface?

  13. Tim Wilson from Lifetick says:

    @Jeff, sorry, no plans for a Blackberry version at this time.

  14. Alexander says:

    I tried lots of other goal tracker … lifetick is definitely the best. BUT as chris said I also had to switch to a real app goal tracker since I need my tasks offline.

    So, please go for a real app which could be used offline!!

  15. Tato Camargo says:

    As an avid iPhone user It behooves me to say proper native apps with push notification totally rock but then again I downloaded my fair share of similar tools… cool UI only takes you far and those nifty suggestions from Lifetick are so unique! Ex.: this week I got a task overdue message from the server but the reminder also suggested considering revising my goal instead the usual “turning the overdue task red while user commiserates on how much of a big failure he/she is”! ; ) Awesome. And unique.

  16. Phil R says:

    Any chance of that Blackberry app, would love to take advantage of your product on the move?

  17. Glenn says:

    Would really love to see a native ios app.

    -Calendar integration
    -Offline use

  18. from Lifetick says:

    Hi Glenn,
    The PC/laptop/tablet version of Lifetick has calendar integration (link on the right hand side) and if you have your calendar on your mobile setup, it should provide you with the notifications you require.