Lifetick gets a small productivity boost

January 12th, 2009 by Shane Maloney in Feature releases | 3 Comments

Hi Lifetickers,

Hope the New Year sees everyone in full swing with their goal achieving. A short note to announce some features we think will streamline your use of Lifetick (we actually snuck some of these into the previous release):

  1. Lifetick now remembers your last screen layout for navigate and journal
    (a) Expand your goals list in the navigate screen and when you return to that page or log back in, it will be the same
    (b) Select a daily, weekly or monthly view in the journal and Lifetick will also remember for next time you visit the page
  2. Journal reports now have a show and hide details option. Particularly useful for text based journal reporting.
  3. Task creation supports keyboard input. Press TAB to move to different inputs, SPACE to select the option and we’ve enabled PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN to change the month selection for reminders.
  4. Mac users can now enjoy use of the scroll wheel.
  5. Google Chrome Browser: We support a high resolution desktop icon for application shortcut.
  6. If you change a goal due date, this is now time stamped in the journal.

And finally, for those of you who’d like to spread the Lifetick love, we’ve added a “Tell a friend” button to the bottom right hand corner of Lifetick.

3 Responses to “Lifetick gets a small productivity boost”

  1. will says:


    Thanks for these nice improvements.

    Point one in particular is very nice,

  2. Kamil says:

    Why the task description field is so short. Its impossible to write task or goal desscription with a comfort length. I would like this fields to have more signs lenght.

  3. dfsa says:

    Why the task description field is so short. Its impossible to write task or goal