New Lifetick Coach personalisation and plans…

April 11th, 2011 by Shane Maloney 1 Comment

Hi Lifetickers,

It’s been almost a year since we launched Lifetick Coach and we’ve been very humbled by the positive feedback we’ve received. We see enormous potential for Lifetick Coach so we want to assure you that there are many improvements we have in the pipeline. In the meantime, please continue to send us your thoughts, ideas and feedback. These have been very helpful in determining our roadmap.

Speaking of which, we understand that the relationship you develop with your clients is an intimate and often longstanding one. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that coaches will now be able to incorporate their own branding in Lifetick. Our latest update enables coaches to:

  • Create your own branded log in page for clients by including your logo at the top of the screen
  • Place your logo inside the Lifetick application that your clients see and
  • Redirect clients to a different landing page when they log out of Lifetick (e.g. back to your own website)

We hope that this will give greater presence to your business and the benefits you extend to your clients. In order to activate the branding, simply go to your Account page and check the “Enable custom branding” checkbox. There are three settings you can activate:

  1. Logo (for login page and inside the application)
  2. Log out action (for providing a new landing page (e.g. your website ) when clients log out of Lifetick)
  3. Your own branded login page for clients (Provide this URL to your clients and they will see your logos on the login screen and in the app (Please note: clients will still be able to login via the normal method, but will not see your branding)

Feel free to place your login link on your own website so your customers get the full personalised experience.

Finally, we’ve increased the user quota for each plan, so even better value for money. (e.g. “Nimble” has increased from 8 users to 12 and “Tactical” jumps from 15 to 25.) Furthermore, we noticed a lot of coaches have smaller numbers of clientele. Therefore,  we have introduced a new plan called “Swift” to make Lifetick Coach more affordable for this group. It allows 5 users to be coached for only $14 per month.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for your support.

One Response to “New Lifetick Coach personalisation and plans…”

  1. Scott Marcus says:

    Thanks for these changes – including the rate changes. Very helpful!