Google Calendar – Here’s how…

December 5th, 2008 by Tim Wilson 2 Comments

A while back we added iCalendar support to Lifetick. This allows you to display Goal and Task due dates in the calendar application of your choice (providing it supports the iCalendar format, eg: Apple’s iCal or Microsoft’s Outlook 2007).

You can also use the iCalendar feed on Google’s online calendar tool. We have received a few requests for detailed instructions so here they are…

[In Lifetick]

1. Go to “subscribe to calendar” and in the calendar window, click the Copy the Calendar URL to my Clipboard button. (This copies the url you need to your computer’s clipboard.)

[In Google Calendar]

2. Under Other Calendars, click Add

3. Select, Add by URL .

4. Paste the URL into the field (remember it was copied to your clipboard automatically in step 1, so either hit Control-V / Command-V or go to Edit -> Paste from the menu bar.

5. Then click Add, and your done.

Google’s Calendar tool fetches new data from Lifetick automatically at regular intervals, therefore it might not show updates instantly.

2 Responses to “Google Calendar – Here’s how…”

  1. Sue-Ting says:

    how often are “regular intervals”? it’s been a couple of days and i’m not sure if i should re- set it up or just wait for it to sync. thanks for your help!

  2. Tim Wilson from Lifetick says:

    I have not been able to find any documentation from Google which explains their logic. In the past I have seen it update in less than one day.
    I would suggest logging out of Google Calendar and then logging back in. If it has not been updated, try setting it up again. I would think two days is too long.

    If you still run in to problems, write in again and we will try some experiments.