Practicality 1: Philosophy 0

November 2nd, 2008 by Shane Maloney 3 Comments

When first designing Lifetick, we had a strong desire to help users maintain the integrity of their Journals by not allowing them to edit or delete their entries. We felt that this restriction would force people to think hard about what they were committing to their diaries before embarking on each entry and subsequently would allow them to reap the benefits of a well constructed journal of their lives. On a more subtle level, it was perhaps our reaction against the woes of a modern “throwaway” society. Words and thoughts can easily be discarded in a flippant manner because all things these days are expendable, replaceable and sometimes refundable. Our method of resistance to the tidal wave of turnover was a small commitment to clicking the submit button forever!

Whilst we may have served you and us better by communicating our philosophy to you up front, we still couldn’t turn around the all encompassing practicality argument that was presented to us. After all, it is now inherent that all software systems have edit and delete. Furthermore, we can understand the discomfort people might have in not being able to ever delete some things they committed to their journal. So, in accordance with the feedback you’ve provided us in recent times, we now have edit and delete functionality in the journal. We hope you enjoy a richer experience with Lifetick with this simple addition and may you also experience new freedom in writing and un-writing as much as you like.


3 Responses to “Practicality 1: Philosophy 0”

  1. roberto says:

    I love to see where this product goes, but i cant find more info on the development of the product and timings, new features, etc. the blog last post its been a month. are you still working on this product?

  2. Shane from Lifetick says:

    Hi Roberto,

    You are quite right. We have been very silent on the blog front, but precisely for the very reason you are enquiring about – development of the product.

    At present we are finalising a major feature set we hope to release very soon. We don’t like to publicise our work until we release it, but what I can say is that it will add a whole new dimension to Lifetick.

    Until then, we hope you can hold out and continue to benefit from using Lifetick. We are very much committed to Lifetick and this next development should prove we’ve been quite busy behind the scenes.

  3. Andrew says:

    I only came across this Lifetick yesterday and really like it. I would however like to see the option of selecting “Project” as well as “Goal” and to be able to save common task lists for use with Projects. Also when I revisited the site earlier today to look at goal created yesterday it appeared that the only way to print it was to select the “edit” button which appeared odd. I may of course still be on the learning curve and have missed something!