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New productivity tweaks to Lifetick

September 9th, 2013 by Shane Maloney 2 Comments

Hi Lifetickers,


Today’s post is to announce a couple of small, but hopefully, useful tweaks we’ve added to Lifetick.


Firstly, you can now enter tasks more quickly by using the “Save + Add Another” button. This will keep the window opened after you have created a task ready for entry of the next task. This functionality has also been added to our Trackers input screen.


Secondly (and this is a personal favourite), you can now select an existing goal and move ALL the due dates (tasks and goal) forward or backward. Whilst I’m sure some people are performing well enough that they can bring their dates forward, I have to be honest, I’m not.



Already I’ve used this functionality to gently push out some, shall we say, “optimistic” time frames such that I have a much greater likelihood of success. We think it’s much better to be realistic about progress and performance than perpetuate fantastical dreams that only serve to disillusion us in our efforts to achieve more in life.

Why not log in now and see how are all your goals are tracking? It would be nice to feel back on top of things and a simple date adjustment could be the best method to achieve that.


Finally, if you haven’t already, subscribe to our Twitter feed. Lately, we’ve been posting some inspirational gems from our resident Lifetickologist. Perhaps there’ll be something in there that can inspire you!

Have a great week.



Lifetick tips and tricks

April 28th, 2013 by Tim Wilson Comments Off on Lifetick tips and tricks

Hi Lifetickers,

We thought it might be useful to mention a few features and preferences you may not have noticed already.


Turn off overdue task reminders

Every now and then we get emails from exasperated users who have fallen a bit behind in their goal achievement and are starting to get inundated with overdue reminders asking if these can be turned off. The answer is yes and here’s how:

  1. Go to your account
  2. Click “Preferences”
  3. Uncheck “Send me task overdue reminder emails”


Print your goal and task lists

You can print any screen in Lifetick by simply using File -> Print in your web browser. We reformat the page automatically for printing, including large boxes to manually check off your tasks. This is also useful for the navigate screen where you can print all your goals (remember to expand the ones you want to see tasks for) or if you only need to print a single goal, open the goal then print from there.


Add to home screen

Add Lifetick to your iPhone’s home screen

In Safari on your iPhone, visit, wait 3 seconds for the prompt to appear and then follow the steps.


Remember your username and password on your iPhone/iPad

By default, iPhones and iPads will not remember your username and passwords for websites. However you can choose to activate this feature for all websites you visit. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Start from the iPhone/iPad home screen
  2. Open Settings
  3. Select Safari
  4. Select Autofill
  5. Turn ‘Names and Passwords’ On.


Do you know a great tip or trick you want to share? If so, please reply in the comments below…

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Insignificant in the face of mother nature…

January 17th, 2011 by Shane Maloney 5 Comments

Hi Lifetickers,

Hope this finds you in good health and spirits and well on your way to achieving your goals for 2011. I did intend to write briefly on our release of Lifetick tutorial videos on YouTube. However, I think they are self explanatory, so I will simply provide you with a link to our channel. Feel free to subscribe so you can be notified when new tutorials are added. We’ve started with 10 videos and we’ll be extending this in the coming weeks to cover the various intricacies of our goal setting and life coaching software products. Hopefully, this will be of additional assistance in your use of the software. In the meantime, this post is being hijacked by news of some other events that have taken place in the last few days.

Here in Brisbane (and pretty much the entire state of Queensland in Australia) there has been a phenomenal series of floods. The devastation it has wreaked may in fact go down as the greatest our country has ever seen. Whilst the overflowing goodwill of the various communities in aiding the cleanup has been amazing to see and be a part of, the reality that now faces many thousands of people is one of great uncertainty as they try to piece together lives and livelihoods that have been literally swept away.

I’m acutely aware that a few words on this blog can do little justice in conveying the enormity of what has been (and will be) endured. Nevertheless, given our Lifeticking community is a global one, it would be a bit callous of me to provide a blog post on Lifetick’s progress without at least acknowledging what has happened literally a couple of miles down the road. Our hearts also go out to those in Brazil who’ve also suffered a similar fate, but sadly with a far greater sacrifice of human life.

One needn’t spend much time on a news website anywhere in the world to realise people everywhere are faced with adversity. Amidst this dark backdrop, there is one thing that remains certain. And that is the strength of human spirit. Whilst we are always evolving, perhaps what should not be forgotten is that we are also enduring. The very core of our being is one of endurance. It is a word that speaks so much. It carries with it a sense of weight and hardship. But it also speaks of hope. Because to endure something surely means to outlast it. And that is what defines us. It is the people who endure great suffering and emerge on the other side that so much inspiration can be drawn from. Surely the goals we set for ourselves are all the more worthwhile because we have had to work so hard for them… enduring the struggle to claim the prize. After all, isn’t it the journey that we are really interested in rather than the destination? What are highs without lows?

If you do start to wane in your efforts this year, don’t be down hearted. It is a part of life. But do draw strength from those who have truly suffered and endured. Their actions have spoken louder than the words of any great orator and they will continue to speak. It is the human spirit as its finest.


Lifetick as GTD?

August 31st, 2009 by Shane Maloney 4 Comments

Hi Lifetickers,

A question we often get at Meridian 86 is “Do we personally use Lifetick for GTD (i.e. Getting things done)?” Whilst I’m happy to answer this question specifically, I think the nature of the question itself is more to do with how effective Lifetick actually is in this space, but first things first. Here’s my response to the original question: Yes, then no and now yes again. I shall explain.

Lifetick was always intended as a goal setting application. Its entire design is around a philosophy of value driven activity and as such is eminently suited (we hope) to the achievement of goals be they short or long term. Therefore, we felt empowered to strip away a lot of the items people take for granted in a typical GTD app including due times, not just dates and subsequent reminders at various times throughout the day. Given the saturation of the GTD market, we have intentionally stayed away from what we believe is not at the core of our offering. We’d rather be a fantastic goal setting app, than a poor GTD app.

Having said all that, we are cognisant of that fact that many of our users find Lifetick to be an effective GTD tool, myself included. To elaborate on the question posed at the outset, I have used Lifetick quite successfully in the past to keep on top of my “To do” list. It did actually work reasonably well for me, but I stopped for one simple reason – aesthetics. I didn’t like the fact that my goals were interspersed and cluttered with daily chores etc. Therefore, I switched to a native iPhone app. Incidentally it was not working well for me at all, so I’ve only just gone back to using Lifetick. In the period that I stopped using Lifetick for GTD we’ve added a function which made it easier for me to go back to using it and that is the ability to delete completed goals. Now I have the freedom to remove the banal tasks from the history of my great achievements so to speak.

The way I do it is to group GTD into time periods. Therefore, one goal would be “August GTD”. Then whatever random tasks I had could be associated under that “goal”. Everything from buying a father’s day present, to dropping off dry cleaning, to fixing the broken door could be put in this time based goal. In terms of core values, I called one “Organisation” because let’s face it – anyone like us who wants to organise themselves to the point where they use software to do it probably values an organised life. This also means you can plan tasks into the future by adding new monthly GTD goals concurrently.

Quite simply, goals in Lifetick could also be projects. When it comes to your work, a client’s project could be organised under a specific goal, because no doubt you have a deadline for the overall project and that is what you would work towards in Lifetick with the due dates you set for the goal and its tasks. Maybe for random things you have a goal called “Office – Sep 09” or “Errands – Sep 09”.

I think one of the aspects that can make Lifetick effective in the GTD space is its ability to simplify things. I believe humans by our very nature tend to over complicate things. It is our insatiable demand for features that ultimately leads an application to its destruction – a victim of its own success if you like. By reducing the to dos to uncluttered lists and layout, we are often in a better position to bother recording them in the first instance. After all, it is the act of “recording” that plays a significant role in getting to the “doing”. Observations of my own life lead me to believe that I can and will make an excuse out of anything. Therefore, no matter how amazing an application is, there will always be something about it that prohibits me from getting to the work itself. By overcoming this self-imposed limitation, I am actually one step closer to achieving something in my day. This of course is rooted in the concept of BE-DO-HAVE which we have written about in a previous post.

Nevertheless, we hope you have found this to be somewhat relevant and informative for your use of Lifetick and would welcome any comments that can add to or alter our opinion on the topic. We are happy to leave it open to our users to determine whether Lifetick is their preferred tool to get the day to day stuff done in an efficient manner.

Have a great week one and all.

P.S. We have recently added SSL security to our service… You can access it via these links: or on the iPhone at:

Please remember to update your bookmarks!
(Ensure you include the www in the address or you might get a security error.)


Recurring tasks are here!

May 9th, 2009 by Shane Maloney 7 Comments

Hi Lifetickers,

It’s been a little while since we last updated you on activities here at Meridian 86, so we are happy to finally announce the arrival of some functionality we know will appreciated – recurring tasks.

Apart from a short hiatus in February, we’ve been doing some major planning toward the next evolution of the Lifetick product and as part of that, we are happy to release recurring tasks. You might be interested in knowing that it actually did form a part of the original product, but was scrapped at the 11th hour because we couldn’t quite nail the design. After all, our guiding force has always been simple, yet rich and intuitive functionality and at the time we felt our design would compromise that philosophy. Nevertheless, since then we’ve had a lot of requests for recurring tasks and as a result, decided to keep tinkering with the concept until we came up with something that would fit within the Lifetick approach. Therefore, we hope you will be happy with what we’ve been able to deliver.

Configure Recurring TaskAs for creating a recurring task, the process is straightforward. Create a task as per normal, but in the date field you’ll now see a “Recurring” button. Click on this and you’ll be able to configure the recurrence itself: what days and for how long. Once this is complete you can move onto the reminder options before saving.

In terms of completing tasks, the same checkbox appears, but with a recurring symbol inside which, when clicked, brings up three completion options: 1) complete an instance (or multiple instances), 2) complete all instances or 3) skip an instance (this will delete the instance and move the due date to your next instance).

Hope you enjoy and as always we look forward to your feedback.


Google Calendar – Here’s how…

December 5th, 2008 by Tim Wilson 2 Comments

A while back we added iCalendar support to Lifetick. This allows you to display Goal and Task due dates in the calendar application of your choice (providing it supports the iCalendar format, eg: Apple’s iCal or Microsoft’s Outlook 2007).

You can also use the iCalendar feed on Google’s online calendar tool. We have received a few requests for detailed instructions so here they are…

[In Lifetick]

1. Go to “subscribe to calendar” and in the calendar window, click the Copy the Calendar URL to my Clipboard button. (This copies the url you need to your computer’s clipboard.)

[In Google Calendar]

2. Under Other Calendars, click Add

3. Select, Add by URL .

4. Paste the URL into the field (remember it was copied to your clipboard automatically in step 1, so either hit Control-V / Command-V or go to Edit -> Paste from the menu bar.

5. Then click Add, and your done.

Google’s Calendar tool fetches new data from Lifetick automatically at regular intervals, therefore it might not show updates instantly.