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Share the Lifetick love this Christmas!

December 26th, 2012 by Shane Maloney Comments Off on Share the Lifetick love this Christmas!

Merry Christmas Lifetickers wherever you are in the world!Tasks

It is Boxing Day here in Australia and we have a great release for you just in time for the year ahead. Users now have the ability to share goals with other Lifetick users. This is great for work teams, community groups, sporting clubs and of course friends, couples and families. Both new and existing goals can be converted to shared goals, simply by adding someone as a Co-owner or Collaborator.

Co-owners: have full access to add and remove other users and edit the goal itself (as well as all task functionality).

Collaborators: can only add, edit and complete tasks.

All sharers can add comments using the Activity function which also tracks the progress (down to the minute level) of the particular goal being shared. Furthermore, people you want to share a goal with don’t even need to be existing Lifetick account holders. Simply add them as a sharer and the invitation email they receive provides instructions on how to sign up for Lifetick. Sharing is extended to free and full version users alike. This means people are free to try it out for up to four goals in total (either shared, personal or both) without the necessity of having to pay for an account.

Share list

Finally, we know that sometimes a bit of moral support goes a long way toward achieving a goal. Therefore, you can now add Supporters to your goal. These are Lifetickers who will be given access to a specific goal by you. They can see all your progress and add comments to keep you accountable, focused and motivated. Again, the process is simple. Simply add your Supporters to your goal and if they aren’t already Lifetick users, they will receive instructions on how to sign up.

Good luck with these new features. We’re sure you’ll like them. Grab a friend, colleague or loved one and get busy achieving. And remember “A load shared, is a load halved”.


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Buddy up! Shared goals coming soon to Lifetick

December 21st, 2012 by Shane Maloney Comments Off on Buddy up! Shared goals coming soon to Lifetick

Hi Lifetickers,

We’re excited to announce we are only days away from a major release for Lifetick and Lifetick Coach! We are introducing shared goals and supporters for all Lifetick users. What does this mean?
Share list

Shared goals allow you to share a goal with any other Lifetick user. This means you can all be working toward the achievement of a common goal. Great for the workplace, social groups, friends and of course family. Furthermore, each shared goal has its own activity log so you can keep track of who di what and when.

Supporters are Lifetick users (and potential Lifetick users) you can invite to cheer you on for a goal you are working towards. They can see your progress from their own Lifetick account and lend support with comments that get inserted into your activity whilst alos coming through an email notification.

You won’t have to wait long. We know everyone gets excited about the year ahead after Christmas, so you can expect to see this great addition in the very near future!

Add taskTasks

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Major upgrade to Lifetick Coach

October 3rd, 2012 by Shane Maloney Comments Off on Major upgrade to Lifetick Coach

Hi Lifetickers,

We are happy to announce Lifetick Coach has just been given a whole new set of features :

  • A serious business upgrade enables multiple coaches per Lifetick Coach account
  • Coaches can create and edit goals and tasks for clients
  • Coaches can add notes and comments on client tasks
  • Coaches get full access to the client Reporting module which includes goals, tasks, logins, trackers and journal notes
  • Coaches can reassign clients to other coaches within their account (whilst maintaining full privacy on previous communications between coach and client)
  • Lifetick Coach administrators have an audit history to track account activities

Also Lifetick Coach now joins Lifetick for individuals in being an HTML5 application! This completes the job of re-coding both our products into a more future-proof technology whilst bringing several other benefits:

  • Faster loading times for the application
  • Ability to use on a greater number of devices including the iPad
  • Ability to roll out new features and changes more easily (less complexity required) and therefore faster

For personal users of Lifetick, we have released a single daily reminder capability. All your reminders will now appear in one email each day instead of separately.

We hope you enjoy the improved performance and capability of Lifetick Coach. In the meantime, we are already focusing on the next set fo features which we think you’ll be very excited about.

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New Lifetick Coach personalisation and plans…

April 11th, 2011 by Shane Maloney 1 Comment

Hi Lifetickers,

It’s been almost a year since we launched Lifetick Coach and we’ve been very humbled by the positive feedback we’ve received. We see enormous potential for Lifetick Coach so we want to assure you that there are many improvements we have in the pipeline. In the meantime, please continue to send us your thoughts, ideas and feedback. These have been very helpful in determining our roadmap.

Speaking of which, we understand that the relationship you develop with your clients is an intimate and often longstanding one. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that coaches will now be able to incorporate their own branding in Lifetick. Our latest update enables coaches to:

  • Create your own branded log in page for clients by including your logo at the top of the screen
  • Place your logo inside the Lifetick application that your clients see and
  • Redirect clients to a different landing page when they log out of Lifetick (e.g. back to your own website)

We hope that this will give greater presence to your business and the benefits you extend to your clients. In order to activate the branding, simply go to your Account page and check the “Enable custom branding” checkbox. There are three settings you can activate:

  1. Logo (for login page and inside the application)
  2. Log out action (for providing a new landing page (e.g. your website ) when clients log out of Lifetick)
  3. Your own branded login page for clients (Provide this URL to your clients and they will see your logos on the login screen and in the app (Please note: clients will still be able to login via the normal method, but will not see your branding)

Feel free to place your login link on your own website so your customers get the full personalised experience.

Finally, we’ve increased the user quota for each plan, so even better value for money. (e.g. “Nimble” has increased from 8 users to 12 and “Tactical” jumps from 15 to 25.) Furthermore, we noticed a lot of coaches have smaller numbers of clientele. Therefore,  we have introduced a new plan called “Swift” to make Lifetick Coach more affordable for this group. It allows 5 users to be coached for only $14 per month.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for your support.

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Motivate. Mentor. Empower. Lifetick Coach is here!

May 22nd, 2010 by Shane Maloney 3 Comments

Hi Lifetickers,

Well today is a big day for us here at Meridian 86 because after much anticipation we are finally proud to announce the arrival of Lifetick Coach! We believe it will offer a whole new opportunity for mentors to engage proteges. If you are a Life Coach, Manager, College Professor or Sporting Coach then Lifetick Coach is for you. In fact, Lifetick Coach can be applied in a host of situations. Here’s why:

  • Coaches get a complete overview of proteges’ goal setting and progress.
  • Coaches can interact with their proteges through the system. Whether it be encouragement, inspiration, advice or links to resources, the Coach can be in touch 24/7.
  • Proteges can feel empowered to set ambitious targets for themselves under the guidance and mentoring of their coach.
  • Coaches can access full reporting from the journaling that proteges enter. You can track, report and graph everything from Sales to Sprints, Gym visits to Grades achieved, Hours of study to Hours of training or even Courses completed to Calories consumed.

You can access more information from our newly revamped website. Furthermore, our FAQs have also been updated to reflect the addition of Lifetick Coach. In the meantime though, here are a couple of answers to questions you may have:

  1. All Lifetick Coach plans come with a free 30 day trial. You can cancel anytime within that period and you won’t be charged.
  2. If you already have a Lifetick account you can sign up for the Lifetick Coach product with the same email address. You will then be prompted to merge the accounts. Lifetick is given free to all Lifetick Coach account holders so they can manage their own goals through the existing Lifetick portal.
  3. Users (proteges) you add to your account do not need to buy their own Lifetick account. These are included in your Lifetick Coach plan.
  4. Users can also create private goals and journal entries that only they see giving them the freedom to record absolutely anything and everything.

We hope you enjoy everything Lifetick Coach has to offer and, as usual look, forward to your feedback.

Finally, a thank you to all the support we’ve received along the way. The launch of Lifetick Coach represents the second major milestone in our journey and we are greatly appreciative for the words of support you’ve given along the way.

Lifetick Coach. Motivate. Mentor. Empower. Need we say more?