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Rebuilt and reimagined – the new Lifetick

August 4th, 2012 by Tim Wilson 4 Comments

Hi Lifetickers,

Today we officially launch the new version of Lifetick. Some of you may have already tried it out, and others using an iPad would have already seen it.

Access to the new version

  • From today, all new users will default straight in to the new version, and existing users will receive a prompt after logging in as to which version they wish to use.
  • The Flash version will still be around for the short term, but we will not be adding any new features to it. Therefore we recommend that you move to the new version straight away. Once you are comfortable with the new version, simply click the link at the of the application to bypass the selection screen the next time you log in.

What has changed

Apart from a refinement across the entire application, here are the most significant changes to functionality:

  • The options to switch between Goals and Dreams has moved to the top right of the screen
  • Completed goals is now in the new reports section
  • Journal categories have been renamed ‘Trackers’
  • Trackers now have a ‘cumulative’ or ‘static’ reporting option – so you don’t have to select this each time you run a report. You will be prompted to set this value the first time you run a report on these trackers.
  • The add task entry has moved to a new popover panel accessible by clicking the ‘Add task’ button on the top left of the goals window.
  • A new way of entering recurring tasks, hopefully making it easier and faster to creating recurring tasks.
  • Redesigned widgets
What’s new
  • New reports view – goal and task reporting along with Journal and Tracker reporting for paid users. Also includes CSV output. This replaces the journal category reporting functionality.
  • New widgets – including ‘Notes’, ‘Recently missed tasks’ and additional counters
  • New Tracker type of Yes/No
  • Journal ‘activity’ view. See all your journal entries in one view, much more exciting than the week to week view!
  • Journal ‘upcoming’ view. See all the due goals and tasks coming up next.
  • You can now print your journal (You can still print reports, goals and your navigate view by either using the print buttons provided or simply hitting print in your browser window)
  • An option to stop overdue task email reminders (Click on your account link on the top right of the application, and select preferences on the left).

There are many more changes and new features, but the best way to find them is to simply explore the application. If you have any questions or problems with the new application, simply click the ‘feedback’ button in the bottom right of the application.

We hope you enjoy the new Lifetick.


Rebuilt and reimagined. 3 days til the new Lifetick…

August 1st, 2012 by Shane Maloney 1 Comment

Hi Lifetickers,

Well, it has taken us some time, but it is with great relief and pride that we can finally announce the unveiling of Lifetick completely rebuilt in HTML5. This Saturday (Friday night for our US customers) we’ll be flicking the proverbial switch and releasing our newly rebuilt product onto the masses. But first, here’s a brief background.

When we first started the Lifetick journey in 2007, we built the product in Flash which at the time offered the best possible visual user experience. Little did we know its days as a leading technology platform would be numbered. The most significant blow it was dealt was when the iPad was released not supporting Flash at all. But with the gradual increase in adoption of modern browsers, coupled with enhanced frameworks meant that HTML5 was finally a viable and inevitable proposition. It is at this point, that I must give full credit to the wizardry of my business partner, Tim Wilson, who laboured over this ever evolving creature to make it the piece of perfection it is today. When we first built Lifetick we wanted to present something beautiful that pushed the boundaries of Flash. So too, when we first started tinkering with HTML5, we wanted this reincarnation to be just as beautiful if not more. And now here we are on the eve of the launch and I think it is fair to be proud. Why? Well, when you think of software companies and web companies, you think of the vast minions of back end coders, user experience experts and front end designers. At Lifetick, one man does all that and more. Tim has delivered yet again and we hope you are happy with what we have to show.  Here’s what you can expect from the new Lifetick:

  • Faster loading time
  • More intuitive goal entry and management
  • Greater range of widgets
  • Entire new reporting module including Trackers
  • Journal activity feed
  • More printable options
  • Enhanced CSV exporting
  • Full access via the iPAD (of course)
  • Numerous other little tweaks and changes you’ll discover along the way

For those who are impatient, all of this is accessible now. Yes, we are cheating a little bit. Simply go to Come Saturday we’ll have this automatically mapped to the login screen. We are now looking forward to rolling out our next set of features. We hope you are too.

Finally, you can now find us tweeting at: Why not follow us?

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New Lifetick Coach personalisation and plans…

April 11th, 2011 by Shane Maloney 1 Comment

Hi Lifetickers,

It’s been almost a year since we launched Lifetick Coach and we’ve been very humbled by the positive feedback we’ve received. We see enormous potential for Lifetick Coach so we want to assure you that there are many improvements we have in the pipeline. In the meantime, please continue to send us your thoughts, ideas and feedback. These have been very helpful in determining our roadmap.

Speaking of which, we understand that the relationship you develop with your clients is an intimate and often longstanding one. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that coaches will now be able to incorporate their own branding in Lifetick. Our latest update enables coaches to:

  • Create your own branded log in page for clients by including your logo at the top of the screen
  • Place your logo inside the Lifetick application that your clients see and
  • Redirect clients to a different landing page when they log out of Lifetick (e.g. back to your own website)

We hope that this will give greater presence to your business and the benefits you extend to your clients. In order to activate the branding, simply go to your Account page and check the “Enable custom branding” checkbox. There are three settings you can activate:

  1. Logo (for login page and inside the application)
  2. Log out action (for providing a new landing page (e.g. your website ) when clients log out of Lifetick)
  3. Your own branded login page for clients (Provide this URL to your clients and they will see your logos on the login screen and in the app (Please note: clients will still be able to login via the normal method, but will not see your branding)

Feel free to place your login link on your own website so your customers get the full personalised experience.

Finally, we’ve increased the user quota for each plan, so even better value for money. (e.g. “Nimble” has increased from 8 users to 12 and “Tactical” jumps from 15 to 25.) Furthermore, we noticed a lot of coaches have smaller numbers of clientele. Therefore,  we have introduced a new plan called “Swift” to make Lifetick Coach more affordable for this group. It allows 5 users to be coached for only $14 per month.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for your support.

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A simple dream can produce a powerful goal…

November 10th, 2010 by Shane Maloney 3 Comments

Hi Lifetickers,

Sometimes goals are hard to formulate. It’s not because we don’t want them in our lives. And it’s not because we don’t know how to word them either. Quite simply, it can be because they aren’t goals yet. They are important though because they are the seeds that we plant before creating a goal. They are dreams.

Dreams are significant because they hold in them the sum total of our aspirations in life. Hope for something better. Something more than what we have or what we are now. And whilst they may not be goals, there are times in our lives when we can make them goals and that is the most important part. Making a dream a reality.

Therefore, we are happy to announce you can now capture your dreams in Lifetick. Whether it’s things you want to do before you die, things you aren’t ready to do yet or things you might not know how to do right now, you can simply and easily record them in Lifetick.

Furthermore, you can then convert them to goals as and when you are ready to get serious about achieving them. You can also set yourself a reminder about your dream at any time in the future. Why not set one for five years time and see if you might be ready to convert it to a goal then?

We hope you enjoy this new functionality and look forward to your feedback.


Motivate. Mentor. Empower. Lifetick Coach is here!

May 22nd, 2010 by Shane Maloney 3 Comments

Hi Lifetickers,

Well today is a big day for us here at Meridian 86 because after much anticipation we are finally proud to announce the arrival of Lifetick Coach! We believe it will offer a whole new opportunity for mentors to engage proteges. If you are a Life Coach, Manager, College Professor or Sporting Coach then Lifetick Coach is for you. In fact, Lifetick Coach can be applied in a host of situations. Here’s why:

  • Coaches get a complete overview of proteges’ goal setting and progress.
  • Coaches can interact with their proteges through the system. Whether it be encouragement, inspiration, advice or links to resources, the Coach can be in touch 24/7.
  • Proteges can feel empowered to set ambitious targets for themselves under the guidance and mentoring of their coach.
  • Coaches can access full reporting from the journaling that proteges enter. You can track, report and graph everything from Sales to Sprints, Gym visits to Grades achieved, Hours of study to Hours of training or even Courses completed to Calories consumed.

You can access more information from our newly revamped website. Furthermore, our FAQs have also been updated to reflect the addition of Lifetick Coach. In the meantime though, here are a couple of answers to questions you may have:

  1. All Lifetick Coach plans come with a free 30 day trial. You can cancel anytime within that period and you won’t be charged.
  2. If you already have a Lifetick account you can sign up for the Lifetick Coach product with the same email address. You will then be prompted to merge the accounts. Lifetick is given free to all Lifetick Coach account holders so they can manage their own goals through the existing Lifetick portal.
  3. Users (proteges) you add to your account do not need to buy their own Lifetick account. These are included in your Lifetick Coach plan.
  4. Users can also create private goals and journal entries that only they see giving them the freedom to record absolutely anything and everything.

We hope you enjoy everything Lifetick Coach has to offer and, as usual look, forward to your feedback.

Finally, a thank you to all the support we’ve received along the way. The launch of Lifetick Coach represents the second major milestone in our journey and we are greatly appreciative for the words of support you’ve given along the way.

Lifetick Coach. Motivate. Mentor. Empower. Need we say more?


Coming soon… Lifetick Coach!

February 28th, 2010 by Shane Maloney 1 Comment

Hi Lifetickers,

You are probably wondering why we’ve been quiet as of late. Well, I’m here to say that it has been with good reason. Over the last few months, we’ve been working away on a brand new product that extends Lifetick into a whole new market. It’s called Lifetick Coach and as you may have guessed is targeted toward Life Coaches, managers, personal trainers, sporting coaches and anyone who assists others in achieving their goals. Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Coach creates accounts for clients
  • Clients use Lifetick to create and manage goals
  • Coach gets to monitor his/her clients’ progress
  • Clients and coach can communicate through Lifetick

For clients, this tool captures the full functionality currently available in Lifetick with the added advantage of communicating directly with the Coach. Goals and journal entries can also be marked private for information that isn’t to be shared with the coach.

For the coach, a whole new way of managing clients is presented. Through its monitoring capabilities, Lifetick Coach ensures the relationship is able to be a proactive one with endless opportunities for the Coach to motivate and support his/her clients no matter what their pursuits.

If you’d like to be notified as soon as Lifetick Coach becomes available, simply go to and complete your details. An email will be sent to you on launch day.

You may be asking when Lifetick Coach will be released. Rest assured it is not too far away. In the meantime, as always, good luck with your goal setting and thank you for your ongoing support!

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One sentence a day…

October 26th, 2009 by Shane Maloney 3 Comments

Hi Lifetickers,

The correlation between journal keeping and success is universally well known. There is no shortage of statesmen and women who can attribute in part their ongoing motivation to succeed to the daily habit of maintaining a journal. Allowing time each day to collect one’s thoughts and put them into words not only serves as an effective check of one’s activities, progress, purpose and direction, it can also lead our minds to a deeper level of introspection of how we carried ourselves that day. Be they interactions with loved ones, colleagues or a random person on the street, when keeping a journal it is hard not to reflect on whether the world was a better place for having us in it today, which of course is a healthy thing to do.

But how do we make this happen? Journal keeping (like most things that require daily commitment) sounds good in practice, but can be a drag for most of us. Personally, I suffer from a severe case of inconsistency and therefore good intentions last a week at best. Nevertheless, there is always hope. I recently committed to a technique that I believe is already proving effective in getting my journal entries made on a more frequent basis. Quite simply, it is – Write one sentence per day.

When you think about it, one sentence a day is not hard at all. In fact, it is ridiculously easy. But is it useful? I would argue a heartfelt “yes”. Why? Because it is not the content that matters, but the act. We can’t all aspire to be Oscar Wilde, able to produce a worthy quote at will, but that doesn’t matter. Simply logging in and making the entry itself is the action that develops the necessary discipline and focus that can greatly benefit us. Furthermore, once you’ve logged it, it is almost impossible not to write more… and there of course is the complete benefit. But, if one begins with the very modest and honest objective of only writing one sentence, then it will ensure the goal remains achievable on a day-by-day basis and that is the key.

We are starting to notice in our stats a great rise in journal category usage in Lifetick. For those of you who are yet to try this functionality, it is most useful in recording daily activities you would like to measure or report on. For example, gym visits, calories eaten, books you’ve read and much more. Totally customisable, you can read more in the help tips when you edit the categories themselves in the journal.

Add a note

Finally, we would like to sign off today with the announcement of some new features:

  • Task notes (frequently requested) allow you to capture extra information on your goals
  • Fortnightly (every other week) recurring tasks
  • Interface improvements
    (including larger task and full screen reports windows)


Looking forward, looking back…

June 30th, 2009 by Shane Maloney 3 Comments

Hi Lifetickers,

Thanks for your continued support. We appreciate your comments, compliments and feature requests (which do uncover some gems for us). Today’s post is to announce a selection of new features we hope will add more to your Lifetick experience.

Life screen changes

Looking forward… we’ve added visibility of due dates to goals and tasks in the journal to assist with some forward planning. Furthermore, we’ve livened up the Life screen with filtering of goals by priority and due date (adding to the existing core value breakdown). We’ve also added some more icons to the journal categories for some visual stimulus.

Looking back… we’ve now allowed for normal text journal entries to be backdated. Whilst our philosophical perspective was that a journal entry should be recorded at the time it is written, we have caved in to popular demand, so please make use of this! Another request which has been raised on occasion is the ability to delete completed goals. This is also part of this release.

As a footnote, we just wanted to apologise for any inconvenience caused earlier this month when our hosting provider caused a doubling up of email reminders. The problem was quickly identified (by our team) and resolved (by their team) and we thank them for their prompt service. With a bit of luck it may have even improved your productivity? Who knows… but we are sorry just the same.

Thanks for your ongoing support and remember during the goal setting and achieving process that life is about the journey, not just the destination.


Recurring tasks are here!

May 9th, 2009 by Shane Maloney 7 Comments

Hi Lifetickers,

It’s been a little while since we last updated you on activities here at Meridian 86, so we are happy to finally announce the arrival of some functionality we know will appreciated – recurring tasks.

Apart from a short hiatus in February, we’ve been doing some major planning toward the next evolution of the Lifetick product and as part of that, we are happy to release recurring tasks. You might be interested in knowing that it actually did form a part of the original product, but was scrapped at the 11th hour because we couldn’t quite nail the design. After all, our guiding force has always been simple, yet rich and intuitive functionality and at the time we felt our design would compromise that philosophy. Nevertheless, since then we’ve had a lot of requests for recurring tasks and as a result, decided to keep tinkering with the concept until we came up with something that would fit within the Lifetick approach. Therefore, we hope you will be happy with what we’ve been able to deliver.

Configure Recurring TaskAs for creating a recurring task, the process is straightforward. Create a task as per normal, but in the date field you’ll now see a “Recurring” button. Click on this and you’ll be able to configure the recurrence itself: what days and for how long. Once this is complete you can move onto the reminder options before saving.

In terms of completing tasks, the same checkbox appears, but with a recurring symbol inside which, when clicked, brings up three completion options: 1) complete an instance (or multiple instances), 2) complete all instances or 3) skip an instance (this will delete the instance and move the due date to your next instance).

Hope you enjoy and as always we look forward to your feedback.


Like the iPhone version? You’ll love it now…

January 25th, 2009 by Shane Maloney 18 Comments

Hi Lifetickers,

We always intended to take the iPhone version further and today represents that first step. Due to popular demand, we’ve added some more core functionality whilst also going to great lengths to incorporate some more aesthetic beauty you’ve come to know and love in the main version.    

iPhone Goals list

So what have we done?                                          

– task editing 
– goal sorting (due date, priority and core value)
– daily, weekly, monthly view of Journal (for paid subscribers)
– complete history viewable in Journal, beyond the previous 7 days (again for paid subscribers) 
– and some pretty nice look and feel touches to bring about a better user experience. 

Good news for Google Android users too. We’ve made some tweaks to the iPhone version to make it available on this platform and we hope this helps a whole new range of users.

You can access the iPhone and Google Android web app at

Thanks for all the feedback and we hope your 2009 goals are tracking well.